Darktrace AI defends major logistics company in the UAE

Enterprise Immune System Defends Digital Infrastructure and IoT

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense, has today announced that Tristar, a major logistics provider in the United Arab Emirates, has deployed its cyber AI to defend sensitive customer data and operational systems from cyber-attacks.

Operating in 18 countries, Tristar is a fully integrated Liquid Logistics Solutions provider that offers a comprehensive list of services to cater to the needs of the petroleum and chemical industries, with a core expertise in handling hydrocarbons, lubricants, chemicals and liquid gases. From devices that monitor driver fatigue, to warehouse bots, the organization uses a range of innovative technologies. Tristar uses Darktrace’s self-learning technology to gain fundamental visibility across its complex digital infrastructure, detecting novel threats that other tools miss.

Adam Lalani, Group Head of IT, Tristar, commented: “Digitizing our operations is vital for the growth of our business. IoT brings about huge opportunity for us to optimize our services, but also introduces risks that are difficult to detect in a rapidly-evolving network. Wanting to keep on top of potential vulnerabilities, we deployed Darktrace’s AI and have not looked back. The Enterprise Immune System does the legwork for us, spotting genuine threats in real time, enabling us to respond before they escalate.”

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