Improved anti-fade mounting media released in UK


Vector Laboratories' original VECTASHIELD® Mounting media, for immunofluorescent staining of tissue sections /cells, has become a market leader in the 20 years since its release and has over 60,000 citations. VECTASHIELD® Vibrance™ has been formulated to offer further benefits to researchers, including room temperature storage of slides, and is now available in the UK.

VECTASHIELD Vibrance is a brilliant solution for fluorescence signal retention in immunofluorescent preparations. 

Why VECTASHIELD Vibrance Mounting Media?

 Superior antifade/anti-photobleaching properties across the spectrum

  • Compatibility with commonly used fluorophores
  • View sections one hour after mounting
  • No tone or autofluorescent background, even after curing
  • Room temperature storage of slides with extended archiving time
  • Minimal bubble formation, even after several weeks storage
  • Curing formulations with choice of counterstain (DAPI) or no counterstain
  • 12 month product expiration date

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