New Enterprise Service from offers an integrated solution


New help is at hand for Western companies keen to explore the lucrative possibilities of trading with China. In addition to the popular online platform for Chinese projects, has launched a new Enterprise Service, aimed at supporting businesses of all sizes in every sector to fulfil their Chinese ambitions.

Crayfish writes about its new Enterprise Service:

For Western companies dealing with China, the upside must be so great that it’s worth making the effort. But things often change along the way, especially in China, where everything is very fluid.

In any commercial relationship, there are a lot of individual activities necessary to facilitate communications and ensure that both sides understand what’s happening in it.

Some of them are dynamic and ongoing in terms of meetings, documentation transfers, emails, contracts and so on. Others are more fundamental, such as translating technical manuals to enable technology to be well understood.

We organise the whole process – so it is more than a collection of individual activities: We help to design your strategy, architecting a tailored package of activities to meet your specific needs in relation to your Chinese market or partner.

We also offer ongoing support to anticipate the potential problems/ changes that are likely to occur.  From our own experience, these can arise both at the operational level for the actual activities and at high level for board decisions.

What services do we provide?

We offer a fully bilingual, integrated solution – from strategy to execution.

Why Crayfish Enterprise Service?

  • We combine In-house expertise with a global network of Chinese speaking talent.
  • We provide full services. This saves your resources in searching and managing multiple service providers for your various needs.
  • We are proactive. While talking to clients about their needs, we identify issues that you may not have considered and alert you to these at an early stage.

If you are interested, please visit our Enterprise Service page to find out more.  You could also contact us here if you have any enquiries.


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