Is the job market slowing down or is Brexit blinding us?


The word on the street is that the job market is slowing down. Many are blaming it on Brexit, but is it actually just a case of panic setting in?

Katherine Wiid of Career Ambitions writes:

When you lose something, what happens? Yesterday I was on the train when a young guy leaned over and asked if I had seen his wallet. In a panic, I helped him to look… He had me clambering on seats, peering under them and asking when he had last used it! Then when I asked if he had looked in his bag, he unpacked it and guess what… there it was! In a panic, he just hadn’t been able to see what he was looking for. 

But what on earth does a lost wallet have to do with the job market? 

Talent. It’s right there, waiting for us to find it, but sometimes we just can’t quite see it. Like now. The job market is uncertain as we all wait to find out what Brexit means for our economy, and candidates are reporting that there are less opportunities than ever. But is that a true reflection of what’s going on? I know many Cambridge companies who are continuing to recruit. So that got me thinking. Why are the candidates and the recruitment managers finding it so hard to see each other? 

If you’re struggling to find new roles, then consider these few points… 

  • Are you looking in the right places? Think local. Local businesses may well be using local networks such as The Cambridge Network, which is a fantastic way for companies to find talent (and for talent to find companies). Many of my clients have had real success finding jobs through the Cambridge Network jobs portal! And there are similar networks across the UK. 
  • Put yourself out there. Network! Never stop networking, no matter how smooth sailing your career may be. Networking will make sure that you’re at the forefront of people’s minds when exciting new opportunities arise, or when something is happening in the industry. Don’t lose touch… 
  • Informal vs. Formal: There may not be as many formal job adverts about right now, but don’t let that stop you. Why not put the word out there that you are looking? Spread the word, through networking or through LinkedIn or Glassdoor. You don’t have to set your status as ‘actively seeking new opportunities’ – you could just put out feelers to see what’s going on. Have a few coffees with interesting people - you never know where your next career move or new position might come from. You might not even be looking for them right now, but keep your doors (minds, and eyes) open! 

From my experience, the job market is not slowing down. I have been coaching 20 plus professionals with technical, scientific and commercial skills in Cambridge in the last six months who have been made redundant and 90% received interviews within three weeks and are now working in jobs that they love. What slow down? 

If we keep our eyes open and don’t fall into the trap of blind panic, then the right opportunities are out there. We just need to be a little more proactive, and go out there and get them! 

If you need any help with preparing yourself for the job market or supporting your staff through outplacement, please do get in touch.

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