The Financial Doctor from Axiom-e

The Financial Doctor seeks to operate in a similar way to medical doctors and to undertake specific one-off bits of work for corporate clients ("patients") who for various reasons are not as healthy as they might be.Using the well-established axiom-evaluation service and other specially designed tools, The Financial Doctor seeks to:
- review and assess the financial health of the client
- diagnose the underlying problems which have resulted in the client's ill-health
- prescribe remedies for the condition via a detailed report

Having discussed the options with the 'patient', The Financial Doctor is usually asked to:
- undertake 'surgery' leading to the client's recovery and good health.

'Surgical work' typically involves Axiom-e providing Finance Director assistance for a period of time ranging from a few weeks to several months. During this period we work to help turn the business around.

Visiting the Doctor early enough will result in a successful recovery. Research though shows that the later a patient waits to see the Doctor, the more difficult it is to make a complete recovery!

As the work required is tailored specifically to your company, please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting after which we will quote for acting as your Financial Doctor.

During a recently concluded programme of treatment for a well-established client, Axiom-e:

  • prepared a business plan
  • secured over £540,000 of funds to provide a firm foundation for progressing
  • helped rationalise the client to better match resources with requirements
  • introduced an appropriate costing system so that profitability by product and by customer could be determined
  • prepared a detailed sales-led budget
  • devised and introduced a focused management information system
  • sourced an interim Managing Director to help drive operational issues
  • established more appropriate accounting procedures for an overseas subsidiary
  • trained and mentored staff to provide them with the means to manage the company themselves

The client is now on the road to recovery.

Founded by Ken Dickson, an internationally experienced finance director, who now acts as 'The Financial Doctor', Axiom-e is an independent strategic financial management consultancy which provides business advice focussed on strategic, financial, accounting, administrative and general management issues. Our portfolio of clients has included commercial organisations, social enterprises and charities.