2. Sensor Components

We are a leading supplier of CMOS MEMS Micro-Hotplates, and infrared sources and detectors, designed specifically for high performance, high stability gas and materials sensing, as well as other applications. Our Micro-Hotplates provide the key technology platform for chemical resistive and catalytic gas sensors. The infrared sources and detectors are used in a range of applications, including Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) gas sensing, thermometer, spectroscopy, and Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) sensors for analysis of liquids and solids.

Infrared (IR) sources

Our infrared sources are available in a range of optical outputs, packaging options, as well as bare die and custom-made array solutions.

The table below indicates the key product parameters for our CCS100 product family of Infrared sources



1. DC power consumption
2. Frequency at 50% modulation

Documentation for all CCS100 product family of infrared sources is available to download

Infrared detectors

Our infrared detectors are still in development, for more information please contact sales@ccmoss.com


Micro-hotplates are available to customers for applications such as catalytic gas sensing and with Inter-Digitated Electrodes (IDE) for post-processing with metal oxide materials for resistive gas sensing applications. They are available in a range of packaging options, as well as bare die and custom-made array solutions for miniature multi-sensing applications.

In addition, our Micro-hotplates come with integrated FET drivers, where the heater temperature can be controlled by appropriately adjusting the gate or the supply voltage, therefore eliminating the need for a separate off-chip FET device. An integrated sensing diode also provides the benefit of accurately and independently monitoring the temperature of the heater, further improving sensor accuracy and lifetime stability.

The table below indicates the key product parameters for our Micro-hotplates


Note: 1. DC power consumption

Documentation on our CCS micro-hotplates is available to download.

Additional information on our micro-hotplates and other product variants is available on request, please contact sales@ccmoss.com

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