Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform

The surge in consumer demand for high-quality multimedia entertainment on television, personal computers and mobile devices is having a profound impact on the network infrastructures and business models that are in place.

Premium content delivery and retail are untapped opportunities for network service providers to leverage their strategic network and subscriber assets and break the spiral of broadband service commoditization, costly capacity upgrades and margin erosion.
Velocix is an advanced content-delivery solution designed specifically for network service providers. With Velocix, network service providers can deploy an advanced digital media delivery platform that builds on their existing network investments and assets. Once installed, network service providers are fully equipped to launch new revenue-generating premium-content services to their customers, while also achieving highly differentiated delivery performance levels.

The Velocix Digital Medial Delivery Platform, illustrated above, comprises three functional layers together with advanced management and reporting services.

Content can be published via popular publishing clients or standards based programatic interfaces. Published content is instantaneously propagated to the distributed content repository where the master library of content assets are stored. The delivery and caching layer represents a highly distributed network of servers that cache content locally and can deliver content via http download and popular streaming protocols to any broadband enabled device.

The Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform also includes a comprehensive suite of network routing, management and reporting services.

Velocix is an appliance based solution with five appliance types, each dedicated to performing one of the following delivery network tasks:
• Delivery appliances - Cache and deliver digital content to requesting users
• Storage appliances - Facilitate the creation of a local replicated digital medial content store
• Publishing appliances - Provide a local content publishing facility
• Routing appliances - Control and optimize content distribution
• Utility appliances - Provide all network management and operation functions


Velocix is the world’s leading provider of content delivery solutions, and we are Making Video Personal, on every connected screen.