Breakthrough innovation


Innovation Workshops
Catalyse discussions within a multi-stakeholder team and reach beyond limiting assumptions

Technology Mapping
Find and assess opportunities in large technology spaces. Variants include: landscapes, roadmaps, technology scouting and technology due diligence

Innovation for Sustainability
Deliver a step-change in sustainability performance by creating new products and processes that balance the needs of business, society and the environment

Innovation for Growth
Align long-term innovation objectives with the growth plan

Make It Real
Accelerate the development of early stage concepts

Manufacturing Innovation
Apply system-level thinking for radical improvement in manufacturing

Patent Landscaping
Develop strategies and practical approaches to enable new business opportunities and safeguard existing business

Cost Reduction
Look beyond value engineering for major opportunities to enhance the cost-effectiveness of a product, process or service

Learning Exchanges
Learn from professionals in non-competing industries

Scenario Planning
Create plausible views of the future business environment to guide today's decisions



Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen