Making breakthrough innovation happen

Breakthrough innovation is at the heart of everything Innovia does. Each assignment is tailored through discussion with our client to meet their specific needs and to produce results that can easily be integrated and acted upon. Here are some typical examples of challenges we are asked to address:

Breakthrough Innovation: create new products or services to grow the business or respond to a significant threat or opportunity

Identifying Cost Reduction Opportunities: look beyond value engineering for major opportunities to enhance the cost-effectiveness of a product, process or service

Design & Facilitation of Innovation Workshops: catalyse discussions within a client team and help them reach beyond limiting assumptions and beliefs

Assessment of Technologies & Markets: help our clients manage the risk and make smart decisions about investment in a new business

Intellectual Property Landscaping: develop practical strategies and tactics to overcome patent threats and protect our client's businesses

Learning Exchanges: pool expertise and experience of clients in non-competing industries to accelerate innovation performance


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Making Breakthrough Innovation Happen