As the complete packager* for publishers, we design, edit, produce, project manage, budget, schedule, commission artwork, source photography and proofread anything from a one off book to a sixteen  book series.

2idesign have over 15 years experience working in the publishing industry and have worked for all the main publishers in the UK. Our particular skill is in the projects that required a high level of integration between design and editorial. 

We worked on projects from pre-school through all levels of books in the uk education system as well as English as a second Language. We have published books in French, German, Spanish, Italian, American, Welsh and corporate publications in Arabic and Japanese.

Publishers don’t just commission print, we have also design interactive software for a couple of publishers.

We are often involved at the very early stage of establishing the budget for projects on behalf of the publishers. As well as designing the concept projects to be taken in to the market place for testing. 

We have worked as a consultant for publishers, advising on process, file management and trouble shooting other suppliers.

If you want to see some of our work it can be found in Australia, South America or your nearest book shop. Have a look at the imprints page of a 'Letts Education' Primary book, chances are we made it.


*A Packager produces books for publishers, in broad terms a packager will take the text, project manage all people involved, supplying the publisher with proofs at certain stages. Then once signed off, supply the files needed to print the books(s). The budgets we set and have been responsible for vary form 6k up to 95k.

We have worked with all the main Publishers for example; Letts Education, Pearsons, Macmillian, Hodder, BBC, Channel 4, EF International, Leckie and Leckie, ESOL, Folens.



About 2idesign Ltd

2idesign is an established Graphic Design Agency based in St John’s Innovation Centre, specialising in website designbranding and publishing. As graphic designers we design print and digital solutions for start-up and established corporate companies as well as publishers. 2idesign’s integrated approach to creative design, project management and editorial is unique and this is echoed by the professionalism of our client base.

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