CES Selector

A unique PC-based software product supporting systematic selection of materials for engineering applications.

CES Selector, based on the Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) approach developed by Professor Mike Ashby at Cambridge University, is a unique tool for the rational selection of engineering materials – metals, ceramics, polymers, composites – and of manufacturing processes – shaping, finishing, joining, and surface treatment.

The software is easy to install and use on your PC. It combines a database of materials and process properties (choose the Edition to fit your needs) with software tools to:

* Browse and search the information in the materials property database
* Create highly visual, interactive materials property charts that enable you to inspect and compare materials, and
* Apply this information using a systematic materials selection method to identify and rank the best materials for a particular engineering application.

With CES Selector you can:

* Support early-stage design, where materials and processing options are open
* Advance detailed design tasks when coupled to your own proprietary data or to specialist databases such as MMPDS (Mil-Handbook-5) or CAMPUS plastics
* Redesign components, selecting materials for lower “cost per unit of function”
* Find equivalents or substitutes for a redundant or withdrawn material
* Find substitutes for a material that has failed in use
* Validate a design approach, demonstrating that no material or processing option has been overlooked
* Communicate and gain support for new material and processing ideas
* Improve the design process by encouraging early consideration of material and manufacturing issues in new product design

Granta helps engineering enterprises to manage and apply vital information about engineering materials. We enable smart decisions on the use of these materials in product development.