AdderView AV2/AV4 Keyboard, monitor and mouse switch

Adder have extended their range of intelligent keyboard, monitor and mouse products with the introduction of their low-cost AdderView.Two models are available priced at 149 for the two channel AV2 and 179 for the four channel AV4.

This new model is a high specification multiple CPU controller that allows any mix of up to four AT, PS/2 or portable computers to be controlled and monitored from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse.

Applications include control of multiple file servers, communication server control and monitoring, or in an enivironment where two PCs need to be controlled. A common application is a notebook and desktop combination, allowing the notebook to use your desktop PCs full size keyboard and monitor.

* Self powered operation
* SmartBoot feature automatically boots all machines during power-up
* Mixed PS/2 and RS232/AT keyboards and mice supported as standard
* Wheel type mouse support for MS IntelliMouse, Logitech and variants
* Channel switching from front panel key, mouse button combination and hot-key command
* AutoScan of video from all connected PCs in sequence
* IBM ThinkPad support allows ThinkPads to be connected just like any other PC
* High bandwidth video provides high screen resolution of up to 1600 x 1200

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Adder Technology is the leading European developer of KVM switching and extender technology. The company's products reduce the complexity, vulnerability and cost of IT environments by providing robust remote access to and direct control of local computing systems.