Adder SmartView Pro - RackMount KVM switch

SmartViewPro is the professional's chice for multiple CPU control.When you need to control and monitor multiple CPUs locally or remotely the SmartViewPro is the KVM switch to use. With two very high performance video, keyboard and mouse control ports allowing local or remote access the SmartViewPro really sets a new standard for multiple CPU controllers. Add to this support for wheel type mice, 'on the fly' programming, password access and On Screen Display and the SmartViewPro stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

* A choice of four models all suitable for rack or desktop use - SV4Pro, SV8Pro, SV12Pro & SV16Pro
* Two keyboard, monitor and mouse control ports - allow local and remote access with over 50 meters distance supported between control points
* SmartBoot feature - automatically boots all machines, of mixed type, during boot-up
* Channel selection - from On Screen Display menu, keyboard, mouse, front panel key, RS232 or remote control ( on 4 and 8 port models)
* Auto-Scan - of all connected PCs in sequence
* Mixed PS/2 and RS232/AT keyboards and mice supported
* Wheel type mouse support
* IBM ThinkPad - portables can be connected just like any other PC
* Very high video bandwidth - supports screen resolution exceeding 1600 x 1200
* On Screen Display - selection menu makes computer identification and channel selection really easy
* Stackable - to provide multi-switch networks with easy channel selection from just one control menu

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Adder Technology is the leading European developer of KVM switching and extender technology. The company's products reduce the complexity, vulnerability and cost of IT environments by providing robust remote access to and direct control of local computing systems.