Multichannel Contact Centre Platform

The system provides queuing, routing and monitoring of enquiries across all channels, with every single interaction recorded in the system’s integrated CRM.

This CRM history is automatically available to the agent as they start a new conversation with a customer, making it easy for the agent to participate in two-way conversations across multiple channels, and saving the customer from having to repeat information as they move between channels.

Contact also supports outbound communication, including bulk SMS, email and outbound IVR. This gives you the necessary data to generate ROI on any outbound marketing campaign by “closing the loop” with data on subsequent inbound enquiries.

PCI Compliant billing modules can also form part of your Contact deployment.

IVR Support

Your customers are still using telephony as a service channel, particularly when they perceive their situation to be critical, or have failed to get an adequate response via other channels.

C3 has over 20 years’ experience in supplying advanced call handling and voice messaging systems and Contact reflects this, with granular call functionality, control, monitoring and reporting. Contact can also be deployed in conjunction with Fusion, our drag & drop IVR scripting tool for complete control over your call services.

Contact is available as a hosted or on premise deployment.

C3 have a rich history of providing specialist computer telephony platforms for more than 30 years, supplying some of the largest UK and Worldwide companies with PCI-DSS Payment, Multi-Channel and Virtual Contact Centers, IVR call flows and Telephone Voice Recognition. COVID 19 led to a rethink in business operation trends with remote workers leading to migration of onsite solutions to cloud based, CCaaS, CPaaS and UCaaS deployments. C3’s core technology-agnostic software gives their customers businesses the edge in competitive markets and helped to overcome the technical challenges of moving to the cloud .