Technology Ventures in Europe and North America

We invest in high-tech companies in Europe and North America as well as help them to connect with Chinese resources, e.g. markets, manufacturing, funding. For example, "A" in Sweden, a leading company in the field of silicon carbon technology. A and B, a high-tech company invested by InteBridge in China, will establish the joint venture and expand the global business.

Technology Ventures in China

The companies are normally founded by pioneers in high-tech sectors. They are passionate about the cutting-edge technologies and would like to start the business in China. "N" is one of our investments. Its ultrafast laser is very competitive compared to the laser giants. N is founded by a postgraduate from the Engineering Department of Cambridge University.

The Platforms Connecting Technologies

We also invest in diverse startups that transfer the research results into applications. For instance, “M” is a technology platform connecting the real needs of the small companies with the lab research. They bridge the gap between companies in need of the technological improvement and the university labs. Meanwhile, this insight helps us to discover the real investment opportunities of the technologies in the course.


Seed/Angel Round Investment: Around USD 2M investment

A Round Investment/Syndicate: Around USD 5M-10M investment



InteBridge is a leading high-tech venture capital with headquarters based in Shenzhen, one of the most active innovation centers in China where is home to Huawei, Foxconn, ZTE, Tencent, etc.