Why spend money on Marketing?

We'll demonstrate why Marketing - properly implemented - makes you money.Using YTKO, you will...

* Target responsive and rich markets, from day one

* Create a compelling reason for your customers to buy

* Set realistic price points for your products, avoiding the discount trap

* Identify the best markets for your new and existing products

* Easily overcome sales objections and increase conversion rates

* Make existing sales people more effective and bring new ones up to speed faster

* Remove reliance on ad spend, sales tricks or the hard sell

YTKO proudly delivers the Growth Coaching service as part of Growth Works, a transformational programme with a mission to create over 5000 new jobs, 1400 new apprenticeships and generate significant inward investment in Cambridgeshire & Peterborough over the next three years.

YTKO Group has worked for over 40 years to support the creation and growth of businesses, increasing revenues and ultimately contributing to economic prosperity. Through funded/sponsored programmes, we provide a range of services, spanning start-up, scale-up, finance and female entrepreneurship. We provide grant, loan and financial management services and deliver tailored training and mentoring programmes for specific client groups, together with creating peer to peer networking communities.