Search Consultancy Case Study

Client overview

Search Consultancy is one of the UK's leading recruitment consultancies with a vast array of long standing blue chip client who benefit from a clear value proposition and a demonstrable commitment to corporate and social responsibility.

Search Consultancy first opened for business in Glasgow in 1987, shortly followed by offices in Edinburgh and Dunfermline. From 2000 onwards the business spread south of the border to Manchester and Crawley and is now established as a nationwide recruitment company with 13 offices, a turnover in excess of £156 million and over 600 employees.

Search has a proven track record of outstanding service provision, often working in a strategic partnership with clients who rely on Search to support their long term talent pipeline

Business Challenge

With commercial success comes the ever increasing need to improve management information systems and in early 2014 the Search management team recognised that they had become reliant on vital client contract information being stored manually, with file maintenance and report production taking up increasing amounts of time.

The process was inefficient and cumbersome to manage, with little or no automation around reporting on contract variables, ranging from payment terms to contract renewal dates. 

Timely decision-making and operational agility sit at the heart of successful businesses, and so a project team was created to identify a solution that could provide a secure, searchable repository of contracts and facilitate management information reporting with ease.

After a thorough analysis of Contract Management Systems (CMS) available it became apparent that the ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions were geared towards large scale enterprise deployment. For Search, this meant they came with many unnecessary features. The price tag of these CMS products reflected their scalability. What Search needed was a simpler, ‘core’ system with the flexibility to be configured and tailored to their specific needs.

Tier 2 Consulting were identified as the ideal partners for the project (following a recommendation) and the deployment went live in late 2015.

The Tier 2 ARENA Solution.

ARENA is product of over 10 years’ experience of delivering document control solutions in the pharmaceuticals and insurance sectors.

ARENA is an extensible, web-based document assembly and control platform providing security and control over all phases of an electronic document’s lifecycle and is based on open industry standards to provide impressive levels of performance, resilience and scalability.

While providing a rich set of configurable features ‘out of the box’, ARENA’s underpinning technology allows new, custom functionality to be rapidly delivered ‘on top’ of standard features.

In the Search deployment, ARENA embeds the Exari document assembly engine to allow each contract to be uploaded into the system whilst applying meta-data to a pre-agreed list of contract variables selected from drop-down menus - creating a Contract Summary Sheet which acts as the ‘wrapper’ for each contract document.

The process is delivered in an interview style session via a web browser, allowing for easy identification of the appropriate values to be assigned to that contract, specific to the various data fields.

Business Benefits

The result is a searchable repository of contracts, using 25 contract clause variables – from client rankings by contract value to payment terms and renewal dates – critical management information which can shape the workloads of contract managers and secure vital recurring revenues.

The ROI from this type of information is already validating the business case for adopting the ARENA system and the commercial teams are seeing the benefit of real time reporting. Equally, the team previously responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the old master spreadsheet system are freed to perform more commercially beneficial tasks.

The system is completely scalable and will eventually hold over 500 contract summary sheets. The management team are now able to create and view performance dashboards to highlight areas where remedial actions are needed, such as flagging Professional Indemnity renewal dates for example.

The ARENA system requires no specialist skills to maintain and has been embraced by the administration team using it – even to the extent that change requests have been made to the original specification and search criteria refined following the one-day training and demonstration session run by Tier 2.

Equally, the senior management team are calling up reports with growing frequency as they see how easy it is to get the data from ARENA, compared to the tortuous extraction of information from the old spreadsheet.

The Client Perspective

“Search Consultancy first engaged with Tier 2 Consulting in April 2014. Our requirement was for a central repository in which to store a large number of client contracts with the capacity to categorise the information, quickly search the data and run various types of both standard and bespoke reports.

Having gone to market and spoken with a number of different organisations, the Tier 2 option appeared the best and most flexible; the ability to tailor a system to our specific requirements was particularly appealing as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product did not meet our needs.

Tier 2 spent a huge amount of time learning about our requirements and understanding the nature of our business, ensuring that with minimal input from us we got the system we wanted.

Tier 2 were always on hand to discuss any queries and totally flexible in making changes to the system, before and after it went live. Tier 2 Consulting delivered exactly what we needed, within the timescale we wanted and in a cost effective way.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tier 2 Consulting.”

Monica O’Neill, Director - Client Relationships

Tier 2 Consulting is a team of expert software developers, who deliver custom software using an agile, cloud-native approach. Tier 2 works in partnership with customers to understand their business challenges, and deliver solutions using modern, open-source technology.

Tier 2 is the UK & Ireland’s first Red Hat Premier Middleware Partner, an award based solely on accredited skills and experience. We are also one of the first partners in the UK to be awarded the Container Platform Specialism, recognising our expertise in RedHat’s OpenShift.