Second Processors Psychological and Physiological instruments

Aleph One Ltd is a small company with a history of providing specialised products which it designs and supports but does not manufacture.The oldest of these are analog electronic products for monitoring aspects of human physiology and feeding back information to the user so they can control the aspect. These are Biofeedback instruments, used in psychology, medicine and physical therapies. Major areas of use are Stress Management, Physiotherapy and Ocupational therapy.

This led to the development of computer-linked biofeedback instruments and software for displaying results on Acorn computers, and for logging data from wearable monitoring systems.

More recently we have designed Second Processors to run DOS and Windows software on Wintel-type processors added to Acorn computers (which cannot do so on their own ARM CPUs). This has entailed a detailed understanding of both Acorn's RiscOS operating system and DOS/Windows, and ASIC design and low level as well as GUI software design.


We provide our YAFFS file system, which was developed specifically for use with NAND and NOR Flash chips. It is log-structured and so robust, compact, efficient, fast to boot, has a small RAM footprint and is endian-neutral, and very widely used. See