axiom-evaluation provides for senior management an independent strategic and financial review of an organisation's activities.It helps to identify issues which, if acted on early enough, will improve a business's performance.

Provided either as a top-level Strategic Review or as a more detailed Operating and Financial Review, our work will result in a report setting out the key issues that need to be focused on in order to improve operational management as well as longer-term strategic issues.

As the evaluation is not a statutory audit, it is able to take a broad view of business management and is not confined to the narrow area of accounting. Depending on what is asked of us, the review can address matters such as:
- strategy
- planning
- marketing
- management and financial controls
- financial forecasting
- financial management
- human resources management
- the management of premises and other resources.

As the work required is tailored specifically to your company, please contact us to arrange a free initial meeting after which we will quote for providing your axiom-evaluation.

Founded by Ken Dickson, an internationally experienced finance director, who now acts as 'The Financial Doctor', Axiom-e is an independent strategic financial management consultancy which provides business advice focussed on strategic, financial, accounting, administrative and general management issues. Our portfolio of clients has included commercial organisations, social enterprises and charities.