Supply Chain Solution

The supply chain is the new frontier for sustainable business. Once your organisation's processes are in place, the next major source of sustainability risk and opportunity is your supply chain. You need to know where your products and services are coming from, and you need to be confident that the third parties involved in this sourcing understand and adhere to your principles.

Our Supply Chain solution provides distribution, timeline management and receipt of virtually any type of questionnaire that will be distributed through a supply chain. Thousands of suppliers can self-manage their own company details and questionnaire responses without the need for time consuming administrative overhead. Once questionnaires are submitted, scores or rankings can be assigned and where required an action plan set out to improve supplier performance.

Our Supply Chain system is used by the likes of Novo Nordisk to gather information from tens of thousands of suppliers and their products. We also support initiatives for membership organisations - read about our work on the Rainforest Alliance SmartSource Programme or the Specialty Coffee Association of America's START initiatives involved in this sourcing understand and adhere to your principles.

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UL’s Environment & Sustainability division works to advance global sustainability, environmental health, and safety.
We enable this through:
• Software platforms that help businesses track and measure environmental, supply chain, health, and safety management and sustainability data to meet regulatory and disclosure needs.
• Help businesses demonstrate the health and sustainability of their products through sustainable product certifications such as GREENGUARD and ECOLOGO Certification, environmental claim validations and transparency programs.
• We also support the transition of businesses from linear economy mindsets and practices to a more sustainable, circular approach that can uncover significant hidden value.