Lattice - solid state gas metering

A completely new technology for static gas meters, Lattice is a simple, robust solid state metering technology. Developed for fiscal gas metering, Sentec are now looking at applications in a variety of other industries, including petro-chemical.

Lattice is a completely new sensing technology for static gas meters, which addresses the limitations of existing technologies by directly measuring flow rate in a way that is much less dependent on gas composition and temperature.

Based on components widely used in common consumer products, Lattice has no moving parts to degrade or wear and shows excellent performance over a wide range of flow rates.  The sensor is non-inferential and measures ‘time of flight’, requiring only simple signal  processing to meet the metrology requirements of standards such as BS ENV 14236.  A low rate of power consumption and a short installation length mean products based on Lattice are likely to be easy to install and maintain.

Lattice has been prototyped for the fiscal gas metering industry, where gas tests show excellent accuracy and reproducibility.  Sentec has investigated prototypes up to 40m3/hr and is confident that larger sizes are feasible using different configurations of Lattice sensor components.  Multiphase flow is also theoretically possible, although practical work to confirm this is yet to be done.

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