Sterling - low cost, low power magflow meter

Sterling is a new flow meter design that dramatically reduces the cost and power consumption of electromagnetic flow meters, making them useable in many mass market applications.

Sentec has created a radical new approach to an electromagnetic flow (magflow) sensor that breaks through the barriers of conventional magflow design – cost and power consumption.

Magflow meters have traditionally been used in larger, commercial metering applications for their high accuracy and high reliability.  Unlike mechanical meters, they remain accurate at low flow rates, and being solid state it is inherently easier to incorporate communication devices on the meter.

In the higher volume domestic market, however, the basic cost of a magflow meter and its requirement for battery changes has been a barrier to their adoption. Recognising this, Sentec set out to radically redesign the magflow meter, to achieve low cost, low power consumption and continuous measurement.

The solution has been to combine innovations in low noise electrodes and remanant field generation, which allow the meter to measure accurately at low field levels and low operating frequencies.  This combination of innovations allows us to deliver the unprecendented performance in low power and low cost.

Our innovation has allowed us to create a sensor that can bring the proven performance of industrial magflow meters to a mass market residential battery powered product. Magflow sensors are inherently insensitive to flow disturbances, pressure, temperature and vibration effects. These characteristics are ideally suited to the poorly-controlled environment where water meters are typically installed. The sensors require no complex correction curves or multi-point calibration processes, because they are intrinsically linear.

The technology is now being commercialised with one partner and talks are ongoing with others in the field of fiscal water metering.  We welcome approaches from those who believe there are applications for Sterling outside this field




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