Mobius current sensing

The Mobius range of current sensors represents a technological breakthrough in bringing high performance sensors to high volume cost sensitive markets

Mobius is a unique current sensing technology, which offers a cost effective implementation of Rogowski coils for many electricity measurement applications. 

In metering markets, Mobius is the current sensor at the heart of Sensus Metering Systems’  successful iCon range of meters in North America, and the technology is now available for licensing for other territories.

With high accuracy, immunity from DC magnetic fields and wide dynamic range, Rogowski coils have many advantages for applications. However, until recently, the relatively high costs of traditional fabrication methods and low signal levels have made them unattractive for the metering market or other low cost applications. 
But Sentec’s radical approach to coil fabrication and the availability of low cost, off-the-shelf silicon, designed from the outset to get the best performance from Rogowski coils, has changed all that.
Mobius technology integrates the Rogowski coil into the meter PCB, producing a cost effective, highly accurate, fully isolating sensor with almost total immunity to external DC fields and current surges. When compared to current transformers and shunts, Mobius sensors have very clear advantages.

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