Xray inspection equipment components

Cheyney manufactures a comprehensive range of components and software for automatic Xray inspection systems.

Cheyney is the technology member of the Sapphire Alliance. 

The Sapphire Alliance is a global group of the most experienced Xray Inspection companies, who are collaborating to produce the most reliable, best supported systems on the market. The individual alliance members have installed many hundreds of automatic Xray inspection systems, in many cases over a period of more than 20 years.  www.sapphire-alliance.com


Cheyney has developed products and designed equipment for many of the suppliers in this industry. We offer a design and development capability for a range of automatic inspection technologies, covering end-of-line Xray inspection, vision systems and gauging and precision measurement.

Cheyney also undertakes special projects, including the development of customised inspection applications, proof-of-concept studies and machine development. Resources include software, electronic design, logic array development mechanical design and documentation.


We develop and manufacture x-ray and inspection systems for the food and drink, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.