ShoutSafe is a web based emergency and travel communication service that provides users with an easy to use and efficient method of communicating with friends and family.

ShoutSafe is a free service created in response to the 2004 Asian tsunami as a tool to help those affected by disasters. The service sends messages to contacts by SMS, email and through the website.

ShoutSafe consists of 3 sections:

  • Messaging
  • Timer Messages
  • Itinerary/Diary


Messaging allows users to send and single message to ShoutSafe, and ShoutSafe will relay that message to all the users' contacts. The messages can be input into ShoutSafe via SMS, through the website or by a trusted contact. The recipients can receive the messages as SMSs and/or emails.

Timer messages are messages that are configured to be sent at a specific time. The messages will automatically be sent unless the user disables the message prior the time it is scheduled to be sent.

Itinerary and diary provide basic location based itinerary and diary functionality. The itinerary allows friends and family to be notified when a traveller arrives at locations throughout a trip and follow the progress through messages or the web.


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