Website Design

2idesign understand the fundamentals of good web ethics. We like to design and build user friendly content managed website in-house.

We believe you should own your website, giving you the power to add functionality, change the site as you see fit whilst allowing you to be independent and not being tied into a agency, developer or bespoke CMS.

A website should not just be about the public facing website, the backend and how easy it is to use is very important. If the backend is confusing or technically intimidating, updating the website will become a chore.

We work with a lot of start-ups and we have a particular skill in helping them with a very hands on approach to building their desired brand. Although we also have quite a few established companies as well … after all, we have been working with some clients for over 10 years.

Now that your website is up and live, we don’t want you to lose it. Your website is important, having a good backing up system and data recover is a must. Our web server has a raid drive, the server is mirrored to a second web server and we have daily backups by a third party. 

The websites we have designed and built vary from marketing informative sites through to corporate, commercial, consumer, education and charity websites for clients including: Buckinghamshire Council, St John’s Innovation Centre, University of Cambridge, Parkside Federation, Cambridge Garage doors, FirmstepCambrionixCrispydock.

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