Idea to vision

At Blacktrace, our many years of involvement in technology development have shown that whilst all our clients are unique, they share some common goals. In all cases we work harder to make their life easier. Technology should not only provide improved functionality, it should provide improved usability and be a pleasure to develop, sell and use.

We have tailored our approach to provide assistance in ways appropriate to your needs, whilst at all times retaining the core philosophy of elegance in design. We understand that some people have ideas they want to develop further, some have fully developed prototypes that need commercialising, and some just want to improve their own product design or time to market.

So whether it’s simply increasing your own productivity through better integrated hardware and software, or developing complete instrumentation solutions for your customers, there are many ways we can assist you:

Idea to Vision
if you’re a scientist with a great new technique, but unsure of the best route to commercialisation, then we help you take your idea to a vision by bringing both financial and technical know-how to business planning and creation

Productizing Science
If you’re in technology development, and already have a prototype system, then we can help you take it to the next stage stage by developing it into a commercially successful product


if you need to develop a working prototype, or simply have a one-off need to enhance your productivity, then we can offer several ways to add automation in an intuitive and simple to use fashion

Precision Manufacture
if you have a hard manufacturing problem, particularly one requiring precision assembly or production, then can also help through our dedicated clean room assembly services

If you have your own great engineering team, but want to reduce you time to market, you can draw on our increasing portfolio of OEM components designed by us to provide the ideal backbone to many scientific instrumentation challenges

Blacktrace is committed to helping our clients achieve business success. Our mission is to create business success for our company, our clients and our partners by developing and manufacturing elegant solutions in technology.