At Alpha we offer end-to-end localization for all players within the eCommerce sector – from merchants and suppliers to platform providers. We can work on:

  • Localizing the platform and any updates
  • Measuring localized UX
  • Analyzing market and competitor data
  • Brand decisions
  • Website and CRM applications’ connectivity
  • Tools and workflows that add source content
  • Optimizing SEO
  • Version control of content and graphical assets
  • Local and global monetization

Our in-house teams of expert linguists localize:

  • Product descriptions and press releases
  • Web and app content
  • Emails
  • Banners and ads
  • Brochures
  • Social media


eCommerce Platforms

Alpha localizes eCommerce platforms for some of the biggest multinationals and boutique providers of specialist products. Our expert teams of in-house linguists work on all aspects of a platform, including:

  • Software strings
  • Interface
  • Product SKUs
  • Marketing
  • Ads
  • Banners
  • Sales material
  • Payment and monetization


Product Descriptions

To be successful in the international eCommerce sector you need product descriptions that are accurate and appropriate for the target market, and then the key segments of the target markets.

At Alpha our full-time product specialists provide:

  • Accurate detail that allows buyers to make confident purchases
  • Flowing style
  • Tone of voice that helps sell products

We aim to add value to the user and client experience. So that every new customer becomes a regular customer.


Payment and Monetization

Ensuring that clients have a fully localized and trouble-free payment experience is key to optimizing the user experience. At Alpha, we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest payment platforms, localizing both desktop and app software from the start of transactions all the way to payment. We have:

  • Large teams of dedicated linguists specialized in this sector
  • Unrivalled sector knowledge
  • Cutting-edge and secure translation technology

Our aim: accurate, fully functional localized payment experiences that perform optimally. So your customers buy now rather than later.


Testing and QA

In every sector, testing and quality assurance (QA) are critical to making sure your product is accurate, stylish and fully functioning. At Alpha, our teams of expert multilingual testers ensure your product achieves the standards you’ve set for quality and performance, irrespective of the target language.

We can offer:

  • In-house testing labs around the globe
  • Large teams of dedicated QA testers and engineers
  • Linguistic and functional testing capabilities on a range of devices and versions

We have particular expertise in eCommerce and the multilingual, ’round trip’ User Experience.

Providing end-to-end localization, translation, transcreation and multilingual content services for global brands.