Interim Management

We are a network of associates offering Interim Managment - in particular, Project Management - services. 

We provide talent on an 'as needed' basis to: 
- Help an organisation undergo change 
- Turn around a challenging situation 
- Plug a management gap 
- Deliver a critical project 

We are: 
- Mature business people who have 'done it before' 
- Unconstrained by office politics & personalities 
- Comfortably over qualified 
- Single minded about the job in hand 
- Loyal to you and your objectives; we need your referral for our next job! 

We can start within days and with minimal recruitment or contractual formalities. 

Clients use us to: 
- Meet peak demand 
- Address a shortfall 
- Get a new project up & running quickly 
- Turnaround a failing project fast 
- Ensure a deadline is met 
- Cover a temporary absence, such as maternity or paternity leave 

Our sector experience includes: 
- Consumer electronics 
- Medical devices 
- Automotive 
- New product develpment / new product introduction (NPD / NPI) 
- Manufacturing and automation 
- Aerospace, defense & security 
- IT 
- Financial services 

It's not about consultancy . . . 
   . . . it's about delivery 

We provide management talent on an 'as required' basis. We are highly skilled interim managers and project managers, good with people, organisations and technologies. We’ve been around the block and know how to get things done. Talent on tap!