Argon360 offers high quality stitching at real-time speed, implementing its sophisticated stitching and blending of high resolution video using custom-designed hardware logic in a compact package with low power consumption. Argon Design’s patent pending Argon360 technology is available as an IP core building block for incorporation into an ASIC, offering ultimate performance for volume produced products. It is also available for an FPGA implementation, suitable for lower volume products.

What is Argon360?

  • High quality video stitching
  • Real time
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Scalable for number of sensors and resolution
  • IP core for chip or FPGA

Video stitching in real time

A fundamental design feature of Argon360 is that it operates at video frame rate with very low latency between the incoming video from the sensors and the outgoing stitched video. This means that applications such as 360° streaming for immersive social media interaction using consumer devices are now possible, and everyone can enjoy a front row seat for sports, concerts and news with high quality live streaming panoramic coverage.

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