Timestrip® PLUS Seafood

Timestrip® PLUS Seafood: is a convenient indicator with push-button simplicity. It is small and can be applied directly onto seafood packaging, crates or a carrying card.As Clostridium botulinum (C.Botulinum) is known to form toxins much faster above 3°C /37°F it is important to the Seafood industry to know if shipments have been exposed to temperatures higher than 3°C/37°F, and for how long.

Timestrip® PLUS Seafood can be stored inert at room temperature and then activated without pre-conditioning when required. When activated by pushing the button, ’on’ is revealed to confirm it is correctly armed. Temperature abuse is then signalled if the 2 hour breach window turns from white to blue. If the breach lasts 4 hours or more the second breach window will also turn from white to blue.

  • It provides a record of temperature compliance that can be instantly seen and understood by seafood handlers. 
  • It offers guidance on how long any temperature abuse has lasted.
  • It can be used as traceable evidence for an audit of supply chain dangers within a Hazard and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan.


Timestrip produces high-tech and low cost non-reversible time and temperature indicators, used around the world and across all industries where time and temperature need to be monitored and controlled.