Timestrip® Short-Term Time Indicators

Short-term time indicators: One hour, 12 hour and 7 days, are irreversible single use disposable timers in a convenient adhesive smart label format; they can be attached directly onto a product or device and provide a visual reminder to replace a part, monitor an expiry date or check medical/diagnostic results.

The use cases vary, for example in healthcare, an easy-to-read Timestrip® can prompt nurses or patients themselves when repeat doses or dressing or cannula changes are due. This is particularly useful in helping hospital staff to comply with infection control procedures.

By putting a Timestrip® on a product or device, the end user has a constant visual reminder every time they use it. This encourages closer adherence to recommended or regulated replacement or servicing cycles, which will lead to a noticeable improvement in product or appliance performance. Optimal product or appliance performance will lead to improved satisfaction and brand loyalty and increased sales for suppliers.

Time indicators can be created as a custom option with own branding and other monitoring times, there is a MOQ of 100 units.

Timestrip® timer indicators can be stored inert at room-temperature until needed and activated. They are self-adhesive and splash proof, and expire 2 years after the manufacturing date. We can supply at  a minimum order of 100. Timestrip® indicators are designed to be used in a room temperature environment (average 22°C) they are not suitable for outside use.

Stock Range:

1 Hour Time Indicator
19mm x 32mm
1 Hour run-out window activation on top for room temperature use only

12 Hour Time Indicator
19mm x 40mm
12 Hour run-out window activation on top for room temperature use only

7 Days Time Indicator
19mm x 40mm
7 Day run-out window activation on top for room temperature use only


Timestrip produces high-tech and low cost non-reversible time and temperature indicators, used around the world and across all industries where time and temperature need to be monitored and controlled.