We deliver highly effective sustainability workshops founded on "Lean" principles. Our mantra is to help you build your business in a sustainable way, by engaging your workforce, and getting them to act as "Waste Hunters". You can engage us as a team or individually dependent on your specific needs. Please look at the site for our respective skills, experience and profiles, which include, Operational Excellence & Lean, Environmental Sustainability and Business Leadership. The world is moving fast, and we can help your company with the "Sustainability" conundrum. Please contact us for more details. 


We are a niche business consultancy specialising in removing business waste such that businesses can have a more agile and sustainable outcome. Our approach is founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Productivity. We are not limited to manufacturing companies. Typically we work with larger SME's and corporate companies, but not exclusively. Our approach is that of employee engagement, where the staff become your "Waste Hunters"