Martlet Corporate Angel

Martlet provides patient capital to hi-tech companies.

Potential investees must demonstrate their potential for rapid growth and will usually possess a strong defensible position with respect to their technology, intellectual property and products.

We are sector agnostic and focus on companies that have completed the proof of concept stage, and usually will have achieved some initial sales or grants. In all cases, there must be a strong and demonstrable commercial demand for the technology under development.

We will almost always co-invest with angels and small seed funds, and have the capacity to follow in subsequent investment rounds.

As part of an integrated strategy, Marshall has launched MarQuity, which provides larger amounts of follow-on funding for companies in its Martlet portfolio.

In addition to capital, we can offer support, experience and a network of contacts.

We are actively accepting and closing deals with promising new companies. Please check our website for a further outline of our investment criteria and to apply for funding

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Founded in 1909 as an automobile company in Cambridge, Marshall entered the aviation business in 1929. The Marshall Group, still a privately owned company, is chaired by Alex Dorrian CBE since Sir Michael Marshall moved to the role of President in October 2016. Robert Marshall, the fourth generation of the Marshall family, became Group Chief Executive in 2012.