Bioscaffolder 3D Printer

Analytik are exclusive UK & Ireland distributors of the  BioScaffolder 3.1 from GeSIm for tissue engineering and tissue regeneration.

The BioScaffolder 3.1 is a modular instrument platform with up to four independent z-axes for running several dispensing tools.

It can print a variety of pasty materials (hydrogels and biopolymers e.g. collagen, alginate, bone cement paste, polymer paste etc.) with up to three cartridges and has a unique optional heat controlled piezoelectric micro-pipetting system for pico- and nano-litre spotting of cells, proteins and curing/hardening substances on certain coordinates within a scaffold structure.

Analytik are leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation to the UK and Ireland, including portable and handheld spectroscopy, spectral imaging, light measurement, nanotechnology, biotechnology, polarimetry and refractometry.