Based in Cambridge in the UK and Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, we work internationally with all sizes of company, from start-ups to multinationals. Our talented, knowledgeable and experienced human factors specialists, researchers and designers have supported and worked with a large range of healthcare companies. These vary from pharmaceutical and medical device companies (including clinical use and home use medical devices, in vitro diagnostic devices, drug delivery devices, and digital devices), healthcare technology companies (including telehealthcare devices or systems), to healthcare software system companies. We also work with hospitals, care homes and recovery centres.

Regardless of size and type, our clients always return to us repeatedly because we deliver their projects on time and within budget. Our clients consistently comment that they are happy with the work produced, delivering an excellent standard and typically offering critical insights.

Auxergo is a solutions-driven consultancy in both the British and Chinese healthcare industries. We apply a range of human factors techniques to deliver high-quality and reliable solutions for your medical devices or systems. Good user interaction reduces the occurrence of clinical errors, and we at Auxergo know the benefits of applying the most effective human factors and usability engineering practices through the entire design and development process to help improve users' lives.