KISS Digital

In its simplest form, digital is the use of electronic media to achieve goals.

As a medium it adheres to some of the most basic rules of marketing (and entertainment) in identifying and providing the audience with what it wants for an optimum Customer Experience (CX). Whilst the concept remains constant, the options for delivery are evolving with pace as technology continues to influence user behaviour.

Often seen as a minefield due to its many facets, KISS places great emphasis in demystifying the process and possibilities of online communications for our clients.

As an agency it’s becoming increasingly challenging to articulate what’s digital and what’s not with its influence on advertising and public relations. The truth is all businesses need a digital strategy to enhance (and more often than not, lead) their marketing activities.

The influence of data and realtime insights is one reason why digital is unique to offline options. Decisions can be underpinned by intelligence-led data, whether it’s a new website or upgrades to an app, much of which can now be automated for personalised interactions.

Delivering the memorable. Online.

‘Reach’ is the other notable benefit. Our connected world means that we seamlessly skip from mobile to desktop, checking websites, apps, email and social from wherever we are. Now at exhibitions there is an increasing expectation that you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a VR experience. KISS offers digital services to support all of your touchpoints in telling your story.


KISS is the creative agency that clarifies the complex.