English (as a Foreign Language) Training

By using real-life work situations, we will help you improve your ability to write effectively, handle telephone calls, participate in meetings or make fluent presentations. You will also improve your grammar and learn idiomatic phrases and expressions.

 Our Business English tailored courses generally focus on: writing emails, letters and reports, describing your job and company, taking part in meetings, presenting and describing your products or services, summarising trends, company performance and results, negotiating, selling and marketing as well as skills for socialising with confidence. Our General English courses are highly practical for adults who want to develop overall speaking, reading, writing and listening skills.

Specialist Programmes also available include: Accent Modification, English for Meetings, Presentations and Negotiations and IELTS Preparation.  


Babel delivers language training in all major world languages, coaches delegates to be culturally competent in their global roles, briefs expats for starting new jobs overseas and helps create high-performing remote teams.