Language Training

We offer language training in all the major world languages from Beginners to Advanced level.    You can opt for face-to-face sessions with our tutor coming to you, virtual classroom sessions, one-to-one telephone tutorials or immersive courses at one of our recommended partner schools. We work to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which means you can be assured of an internationally recognised benchmark.

Each of our language courses has defined learning objectives, clear progression routes and links to assessment. Our course outlines demonstrate how business terminology, writing skills, spoken fluency, pronunciation, listening skills, and business specific terminology will be incorporated into your programme.   Each lesson focuses mainly on oral communication and by hearing your tutor speak and joining in a conversation, your confidence will build.  You will learn phrases that can be used immediately, colloquialisms, sentence structure, pronunciation, grammar and spelling.

With Babel’s personal tutors, we can quickly adapt your programme to suit your style of learning. Our tutors love what they do and have been teaching for years. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise, and with their motivation you are much more likely to stick to a language programme than working alone with self-study materials.  You will be assessed at the beginning and end of your agreed module of hours. In between, you will receive feedback and guidance from your language tutor after each lesson.

We are also able to customise the training content to your exact needs by creating Specialist Terminology workshops relevant to your organisation and industry.  Our language trainers will devise the content and offer workshop sessions exclusively to you allowing you to meet your training objectives and use real-life scenarios.







Babel delivers language training in all major world languages, coaches delegates to be culturally competent in their global roles, briefs expats for starting new jobs overseas and helps create high-performing remote teams.