The Golden Oak Wealth Management Financial Planning Process


Step 1: Get together for an initial meeting

In this step we will get to know you, gather information on the objectives you are looking to achieve and look at any plans you may already have in place.

We will assess your attitude to investment risk and also your capacity for loss, as this is central to the overall plan.

Details such as age, dependents, salary, health, affordability, Wills, inheritances etc will also need to be discussed and we will provide you with regulatory information on Golden Oak Wealth Management, our Service Proposition & Terms of Business.

Step 2: Analyse data & Plan composition

Now that we have a clear picture of your situation, we will use financial cash-flow calculators to map out your goals on a timeline. From here we can use various assumptions to not only see whether you will hit these goals, but what you need to do in order to ensure that you achieve them.

Based on this we will construct a financial plan that is robust, flexible, tax efficient and bespoke to your requirements. We will guide you through the plan and when you are happy, we will ask for your signoff so that we can put it into action.

Step 3: Implement the Plan

Having completed the necessary paperwork, we will implement the plan and liaise with any providers as required. You will not need to be involved with this step, however we will set you up with online access so that you can monitor the progress and see how your investments are performing as and when you wish.

Step 4: Monitor the Plan

It's called "financial planning" for a reason: Plans evolve, and if we think of what changes happen through life such as marriage, children/grandchildren, illness, death, career changes etc; then these events may require new perspectives on our finances.

As well as the personal reasons listed above, we must also keep a close eye on other important factors such as tax law/allowances, interest rates, inflation and stock market performance.

This is why we tend to meet at least once a year with our clients and promote regular communications.

To find out more please visit us at: or call us on 01780 723118. The first meeting is free and without any obligation.

Golden Oak Wealth Management are independent financial advisers (IFA) in Cambridge. Providing Investment, Pension & Inheritance Tax planning to Private Individuals, and Business Protection and Employee Benefits to businesses.