Spark's product set

Set up in minutes, Spark provides live journey predictions through its complete solution, which combines a mobile application, sophisticated web-based EV planner and a live online dashboard. The technology is open and simple to integrate into existing in-car navigation systems and fleet management software.

Drivers simply enter their proposed journey into Spark’s powerful smartphone app and get personalised advice on whether they will be able to complete it, based on real-world driving conditions and their state of charge.

For fleet managers, the EV planner enables them to assign multiple or single jobs to mobile workers knowing their state of charge at the end of each journey leg. They can also allocate EVs to new jobs in real-time, ensuring efficiency and greater productivity.

Spark’s live online dashboard allows fleet managers to see active drivers, live positioning, odometer, efficiency and live state of charge. This increases effectiveness of time and resources, and flags potential issues, such as driver training needs.


Maximising utilisation for electric vehicles