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Meteor DropWatchers are turnkey systems for evaluating and optimising printhead and ink combinations using production-ready electronics that can be transferred straight to manufacturing.

Visualise and characterise drops in flight and adjust waveform parameters using live feedback.

• from the leading supplier of industrial inkjet printhead driving solutions
• essential tool for waveform characterisation and development
• supports all major industrial inkjet printheads

Easy to use

• PC-based software with the intuitive and familiar Meteor interface
• Straightforward printhead mounting and alignment
• Simple calibration
• Captures and records setup data and annotated observations of drops in flight Cost Effective
• Standard Meteor drive electronics for lab results that are directly applicable to the production environment
• Interchangeable printhead mounts and drive electronics
• Optional ink supplies (from simple syringe to recirculating)

Small Footprint

• Ideal for lab environments where space is at a premium
• DropWatcher and printhead waveform development tool driven by a single Windows 10 PC

Real-Time Analysis

• Live editing of waveform shape, voltage and grey level
• Double-strobe drop velocity and volume measurement with report-oriented data capture
• Direct observation of nozzle crosstalk and duty cycle
• Overlays for calibrated measurement at user defined throw distances

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