Get hands on or hands off computer training in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. (10% discount for Cambridge Network members)

We all learn in different ways, which means that many people don't get the most out of traditional workshops and classes. Some will be happy to book a standard 'off the shelf' course. Some will find it hard to keep to everyone else's pace and follow the structure whilst others will want to experiment on their own and not have to worry about slower learners catching up.

There are many reasons why traditional classroom training works well. There are also reasons why it doesn't work so well. That's why we offer various training solutions, taking into account the reality of the various learning styles, ability levels and personal preferences:

  • standard, "off the shelf" training
  • hands off seminars
  • bespoke training
  • virtual training
  • computer-based training simulations
  • computer coaching programme
  • self study

Highly respected computer software training company based in Cambridge. Registered supplier to local companies such as AstraZeneca, University of Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire District Council and NHS England.