Team Collaboration and Relationship Management

Using The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) to build and enhance team collaboration through better knowledge of one's own motivations and strengths and how to use them at the right time and in the way to enhance relationships.

As qualified SDI facilitator, I can offer development programs that incorporate the learning power of SDI. Team members complete assessments on-line which d

eliver a personalised report outlining their Motivational Value System (MVS), Conflict sequence, Strengths Portrait and Overdone Strengths Portrait. The SDI benefits from being well validated and uses an easy to remember 3 axes system associated with preferences for People, Process or Performance motivation.

Individuals can be coached regarding what strengths they may need to borrow and which to play down in different situations and with different people. SDI is most effective when used in a team setting to help enhance collaborative behaviour and trust through increased awareness of one another's preferred MVS.

Development workshops can be created to target specific business outcomes and to suit a variety of budgets.



Offering consulting Services to organisations of all sizes though with a particular focus on scale-ups and "lab to leader" development:
- Individual and team coaching and mentoring
- Engineering development consultancy