Executive Coaching

Executive coaching to improve the performance of individuals and leadership teams.

Our bespoke coaching packages provide thought-provoking exercises, practical skills, useful materials and fascinating insights that will trigger positive changes for you and your team.

We listen to your requirements, agree an agenda, then guide you through a structured process to achieve your objectives.

When you consider that Performance is a combination of Skills, Motivation and Direction, it helps identify which specific area will benefit most from the coaching process.


The performance of your team will be optimised when their skills and motivation is focused in a specific direction.

  • Strategic Leadership
    • Reinforce the team’s Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values and Measures.
  • Goal Setting
    • Construct well-defined goals that align with your Vision and Measures.
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Explore your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to maximise use of resources and minimise risks.


Motivation is the reason people behave in a particular way and have a desire to do something.

  • What motivates people
    • Explore what motivates yourself and others, how it affects behaviour and why it is essential for high performance.
  • Motivation for wellbeing and performance
    • Discover how to improve people’s level of engagement and improve performance.
  • Limiting Beliefs
    • Learn how beliefs are formed, their impact on our behaviour, and how to replace limiting beliefs with an empowering mindset.


Practical skills that will enable you to achieve your goals faster and without resistance.

  • Focus your resources

    • Challenge the current state and focus your time, money and energy on high-value activities.
  • Communication for influence
    • Use persuasive language to influence people’s decision making and establish rapport with people over a variety of media.
  • Communication for positive outcomes
    • Recognise where conflict exists and adapt communication towards a positive outcome.

Executive Coaching for senior managers and leaders to achieve greater results by clarifying objectives, eliminating barriers and invigorating motivation.

We cultivate happy and motivated people by providing insights and development pathways that deliver positive outcomes. We use Motivational Maps®, a unique diagnostic tool, and NLP best practice for insight and strategies to improve wellbeing at work, productivity and personal fulfilment.