Employee Engagement

Employee engagement projects for wellbeing at work and productivity.

  • The happiness, productivity and long-term stability of your team is vital for the success of your organisation.

How will we help?

  • We provide a unique insight into what motivates each person in your team and their current levels of satisfaction in key areas.
  • We can engage with your team to reveal context and create a deeper awareness of their current state.
  • We analyse team dynamics, highlight areas for attention and identify choices to make positive changes.

How do we work?

  • We use Motivational Maps® to diagnose motivational profiles of individuals and teams, then apply Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) best practice to collaboratively create tailored development plans that align with your organisation’s vision and the dominant motivators of the people who make your team.
  • We elicit valuable feedback from each participant, identify areas for immediate attention, highlight potential conflicts between people, provide constructive suggestions and identify choices available to improve wellbeing, motivation and productivity.
  • We create management reports and facilitate Team Workshops to reinforce Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Measures and Goals.

What if...

  • You knew what motivated each person in your team?
  • You measured each person’s level of satisfaction and knew how to make improvements?
  • You had bespoke personal development plans for your full team and monitored satisfaction levels moving forwards?

Executive Coaching for senior managers and leaders to achieve greater results by clarifying objectives, eliminating barriers and invigorating motivation.

We cultivate happy and motivated people by providing insights and development pathways that deliver positive outcomes. We use Motivational Maps®, a unique diagnostic tool, and NLP best practice for insight and strategies to improve wellbeing at work, productivity and personal fulfilment.