High Performance Light Measurement Solutions

Analytik are exclusive UK and Ireland suppliers of GL Optic’s handheld and laboratory-based spectroradiometers and related products, for precise light measurement and LED testing.

Whether measuring single LEDs or carrying out comprehensive luminaire testing, GL Optic provide high performance light measurement solutions designed for a range of industries and applications including: lighting manufacturers, automotive component providers, laboratories and scientific applications.

GL Optic manufactures high-quality, professional light measurement systems and as their exclusive UK and Ireland distributor, Analytik offer GL Optic’s full range of products and services. You’ll also have access to our in-house Light Measurement expertise and we are happy to work with you to develop an application tailored to your needs.

Analytik specialises in cutting-edge scientific instruments for Spectroscopy, Spectral Imaging, Remote Sensing, Particle Characterisation, High Shear Homogenisation, Continuous Flow Chemical Reactors, Digital Phenotyping & Imaging and more.