Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics

The development of cell and gene therapy treatments is beginning to revolutionise how we think about possible treatment of diseases. The potential ability to cure deadly diseases with these treatments gives precious hope to many people and this is something that Biocair identifies with and is devoted to providing support for.

Cell and gene therapies are characterised as individual, critically important, fragile and of invaluable value. Biocair’s understanding of these characteristics and our experience in dealing with them makes us the market leader in cell and gene therapy logistics.

Cell and gene therapies each have unique logistical requirements often requiring a complex, interlinked series of shipments. With this complex, highly specialist nature, and the trusted client interactions and associated bespoke solutions required, it is important to have a specialist cell and gene therapy courier to handle your valuable shipments.

Biocair’s services in this area focus on the following items to ensure success:

  • Total transparency in supply chain design - provision of shipment paperwork, constant communication and flawless chain of custody provision
  • Flexibility in service provision unrivalled in the industry - each shipment is treated as bespoke and is handled by a dedicated team to implement the optimal solution, ensuring a risk free service delivery
  • Design, production, supply and validation of temperature controlled systems - cutting edge solutions for all temperature requirements, including cryogenically frozen (< -150.C)
  • Strategically positioned Biocair liquid nitrogen service stations to quickly respond to client needs - door to door service of liquid nitrogen dry shippers includes rental, charging, positioning and deware return.
  • Rapid turnaround and transit times - real time tracking and monitoring ensures that your valuable shipment is delivered on time with 24/7 collection and delivery, weekends and holidays
  • Consultancy with regulatory authorities to avoid import delays - individual experts dedicated to each project on call round the clock

The approach above has enabled Biocair to achieve the precise demands of cell and gene therapy logistics to huge acclaim of which we are very proud.

Biocair is the global specialist courier with over 30 years of dedicated experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science sectors