Indie Pro Membership

If you own or run an independent business or you are an indie trader/artist/maker etc in Cambridgeshire, then you can become a member of Indie Cambridge.

At the core of the IndiePro membership is the desire to tell the indie story. Every one of the businesses we work with has a unique narrative which is why we always do a dedicated interview and write-up and send our photographer to take great pictures of you and your business (you are also free to use the photos and text for any other forms of promotion you are doing). We then publish this individual account in The Indie and on this website – the only site dedicated purely to local independents in this area.


  • A half page feature in The Indie, our colour tabloid magazine
  • Featuring in The Indie Directory in all issues throughout your membership
  • 5-page mini website within this site (see here for an example)
  • Priority shout-outs in our monthly newsletter and social media channels
  • Invitations to Indie Academy events
  • Invitations to regular get-togethers with other members
  • Exclusive members' card and discount scheme
  • Featuring in ‘our indie of the week’ series on the Cambridge Network

A celebration of the city’s best independent traders, venues and events