WATCH & GO® video learning is about providing all your people with perfectly timed support during their day-to-day work. They might need help in dealing with a member of their team who isn’t performing as they need, or with what to say when they want to coach or praise someone, or video for your people to watch to show them how to do it. And it’s all available instantly whenever they need it. There are also downloadable learning summaries to print off and use as a guide when having a ‘difficult conversation’.

The videos can be used in classroom-delivered workshops and in meetings too. The versatility of the resources means that they can be used for multiple purposes, providing even greater value.

In addition to the library of just over 60 individual video programmes, the WATCH & GO® services also include Learning Pathways. These enable you to offer your people customised, signposted journeys through the video content.

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Founded in 2003, Scott Bradbury is a specialist publisher and training organisation, with a proven track record in face-to-face workshop delivery and 'WATCH & GO' video-based online learning services.